Lowest Price Guarantee

Our Price Promise To You

Unlike other hire companies, we ARE the lowest priced PA hire company in London. The pricing on our site beats that of all of our competitors and we regularly check their pricing to make sure we are providing YOU with the best pricing available.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Don't Be Fooled By Other Claims

Some companies claim "the best pricing available" and "won't be beaten" yet still charge in excess of £20 over our prices for a pair of speakers or CDJs. It really does make us laugh. Unfortunately those companies are laughing all the way to the bank with your hard earned money.

One question you should be asking these companies is... "If you're claiming to be the cheapest company in London then why do I have to tell you who's cheaper to try and get your best pricing?"

When we established London Speaker Hire, we were the first PA hire company in London to offer a lowest price guarantee. Because our pricing was so competitive, most of our competitors got very worried (and rightly so) because they were ripping their customers off with inflated prices and no competition. To try and get past our genuine offers they placed "low price" claims on their sites BUT they did not reduce their pricing.

What To Check When Comparing Pricing

- Does the company provide PAT tested equipment?

PAT testing means that the equipment you are being provided with has been checked for electrical safety by a qualified electrician and has been certified as safe to use.

- Are they using the major brands of industry recognised kit?

Some of our competitors try to match our pricing by hiring cheap nasty systems like Gemini. We would not even put this type of kit on a bonfire! That is like going to a Formula 1 race and taking a bicycle to compete. We use all superior industry standard name brand kit (see the logos at the bottom of this page) and deal directly with the manufacturers.

- Do they furnish you with a line by line quote with individual costs?

Recently we have had customers tell us that a few of our competitors have got very crafty and to hide trying to match the pricing that we have as standard, they have been increasing their delivery costs to make up the difference! How bad is that?

We will provide you with a line by line break down of each individual item and a separate individual cost for collection/delivery and set up if you require these services. There are no hidden costs, and it is all plain and simple to follow.

- Are they open 24/7 for support during your hire?

This is probably the most crucial issue! We are available all weekend and are more than happy to provide you with both mobile and land line numbers so that should you have any questions whilst you have kit from us then we will be more than happy to help.

Also we are happy to have kit back in the evenings midweek so we can fit in around your work hours or once you have got rid of that hangover. Just give us a call and we can always work something out.

- Do they provide you with the extras LSH provide as standard?

We know how annoying it can be not having enough power when the kit arrives or having cables dangling. This is why London Speaker Hire provide you with both power extension reels and power packs as standard as well as cable ties and electrical tape to make sure you can make things nice and neat. We are the first and only company to do this in London.

It is our care and attention to these details that really sets us apart.

Remember With London Speaker Hire...

No Mess
No Fuss
No Inflated Prices
No Hidden Costs

Just a professional, reliable service with really friendly people on the end of the phone who will quite happily give you advice. If we can not help you directly then let us try and find the number of a company that can. We will even make you a cuppa if you want to come and have a listen to the kit to see what works best for you!

Our Guarantee To You

All of the equipment we hire comes with our lowest price guarantee. If you find the kit cheaper and the following criteria are fulfilled then we will quite happily provide a price match.

(As yet we have not found a single company that beats our pricing).

- The supplier is a registered UK company - They are based within the M25 - The kit is in stock and available to hire - The kit is an exact like for like including all the extras we provide

*Please note we do not match pricing on delivery although our delivery costs are the most competitive.